Sunday, August 28, 2016

I almost forgot how to scrap!

It's been such a long time while I've been busy with my studies that I just haven't found time to get to my scrap room. Fortunately a friend bossed me into taking time out for a scrap weekend (well day really since I worked one day on the weekend!)...and I managed to scrap some really simple pages with some very old photos. Then today I even managed to scrap a layout for the Scrapbooking Top50 Australia August challenge.  I have a couple weeks break now before my next placement so look out scrapbooking room.....we are about to get reacquainted!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

It's a Boy thing.....

These are for you Em.... Been having some fun playing with boy pages.

Few different styles going on. My boys were quite vocal about which style they each liked and funnily enough it was the ones with their own photos on! lol to have a play with some monthly challenges hopefully

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Get well soon Nomes!

It would be too obvious to start yet another post with the mention of how long it's been since I blogged. Instead I will dedicate this post to my friend who is recovering from surgery, and who is the only person who keep me accountable for this blog!! She may be very surprised to see that I've been scrapping! I actually thought I may have forgotten how!! :0

Here's a couple of layouts I got done today. It was too hot to do anything but scrap (except maybe go to the beach but I was on ambo duty so couldn't really do that!)

How cute is this kid?!!?? Still embracing his curls at this point (but it is an old photo!)

This was a little bit of a challenge. My cousin dressed her twins in pink and red for Christmas. And if that wasn't hard enough to work with my mum wore the only shade of blue that I do not have ANYWHERE in my craft room!! Still, it turned out ok. I'm hoping it will grow on me. My mum likes it so much when I showed her she took it home to display at her house! I'll take that as a compliment while I work on another to keep in my album. Lol.

Found some really old photos....from my own childhood in the 80's (in case you couldn't tell by the orange tint!)  Love scrapping about my childhood. It's the closest you get to explaining it to your own kids, but still it doesn't really get close. Wish they could have experienced the kind of things we did! :(
Was having fun with some paints. Pretty much made this page and then found a photo to plonk on it (as my friend Em likes to say!) This started my paint phase today!

Had a day playing with some paints/inks/textures etc. These will all become bookmarks at some point but I really was just playing to see if I could remember how to use all this cool stuff hiding in my craft room.

Another older one. I never do dark colour backgrounds, Not sure I love it but others seem to. Maybe they're swayed by another cute kid!?!?
I've had so much fun in my craft room, I think I'll come back tomorrow! Shhhhhhh!!!! There's probably something more important I should be doing?! Though it's going to be hot again tomorrow and I am on call in the afternoon so I might HAVE to come back then!
Rach xx

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Study break = scrapbooking!!

well that was my plan but with school holidays as well and a trip to Perth tomorrow, there hasn't been quite as much scrapping as I would like. I started by doing a page for this months Scrap The Girls challenge which asked for paint and texture. I've been playing lots lately with both of those but mostly on canvases, as I haven't been scrapping much. This is my effort though... Obviously the paint is the stencilled letters as well as the wooden butterflies, and  there is also some transparent gesso complete with glitter, but the scan hasn't picked it up very well.

And here's some of the canvases I've been having fun with....
This is my latest and my favourite..

I started playing with the Julie Nutting Prima dolls on bookmarks.......

 Then I thought they'd also look cute on canvases......

And even as journals/notebooks/diaries......

This is a gift i made for a friend....

 I have so many more of these scattered around my craft room. Every gift I give this year will be something arty for sure! lol

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Winner, winner, chicken dinner......

Well runner up actually but still pretty stoked! Just popped over to Scrap the Girls to see what the current challenge is and came across this post
"The second prize goes to Rachael Doney!! Rachael - you have won....

A Flair pack from A Piece of Cake Designs"

How exciting!! Can't wait to see what they send me.They have the cutest flair buttons and lots of other stuff.  I looove surprises!

And here's a blast from the past while I'm here since tomorrow is our 20th wedding anniversary, here's an old layout to get in the mood
I snapped a photo of the page still in the album so it's not great quality, but you get the idea.xx

TFL xx

Friday, February 28, 2014

Scrap the Girls...last minute!

After I loaded my pages earlier, I checked in with the blogs I like to follow along and play challenges with and spied a fun one at Scrap The Girls  Never mind that it was 4.30pm and entries need to be in by tonight, and I was still at work and didn't have a photo to work with.........that's why it's called a challenge right?!?!

Anyway, this is the result. Nothing like I planned but I love it anyway!

which is based on this image. Obviously I used the bricks for inspiration, the "busyness"  and the bright colours.

Thanks again for looking.
Rach x

Retreat Weekend

Right when I should have been studying for my exam, I went away for the weekend to a scrap retreat! Naughty but fun! Here are some of the pages I got done. All quite simple pages since I had to keep taking study breaks! And don't worry, I think (Hope!!!!) I passed my exam the next morning. Apologies for the photo quality. I'm at work so had to take photos of these with my phone rather than scanning, but at least it's done.

 This one I used the Jot Magazine February Mood Board.   I always look at these but this is the first time I've played along.
(Photo Credit: Proof of Life Photography)

Love this one...but maybe because it's about me!? lol

So nice to get some scrapping down again. TFL x