Saturday, December 28, 2013

December challenges

I used to join in online challenges every month as I found I got more scrapping done when there was an idea about where to start as well as a deadline! This month I joined in at Scrap The Boys . I created 2 pages for this challenge. The page I created initially had my DD in it, then I re-read the rules to see if my girl was allowed in...and she's not! :( So I decided to do another one....
So this one is my actual entry..... (considering I had no idea where to start having just finished one with this title, I am quietly pleased it all came together so quickly).......

And this is the first one I completed BEFORE I read the rules. Doh!

And tomorrow I'm going to be working on this sketch for Purple Pumpkin's December challenge .. stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2 in one day!?!

I know...unbelievable!! But I did complete another layout tonight for the Purple Pumpkin October sketch challenge  Here's my interpretation of the sketch......

TFL...again! has been busy!

But today I laid on the trampoline and read a magazine in the sun! When DH gets home, we will walk the dog to the beach. It is so nice not to be racing around tring to fit everything in for a change. I spent the weekend at Tough Mudder, travelled 700km home to sit an exam, but it was all worth it as that means study is finished for a while, TM trainings are finished and I have a week off work!!! Yahoo. And best of all, I got to scrap! It's been a while so started simple and used up a pile of photos which have been sitting on my desk way too long to complete the October Challenge for Scrap the Boys The theme was blue and green. My background is a light blue but it doesn't show very well here.
Actually I did 2 for this challenge, since I had photos of 2 of the boys at the skatepark to use up
Right...back to the scrapping's going to be hot again tomorrow so beach in the day time, scrapping at night!! perfect!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I did it again!!!!!!

I know I always promise not to leave it so long between updates, but somehow time has gotten away from me again. I actually thought I'd barely done any scrapping this past year but it turns out I have managed some. So here's my share....and hopefully this time I will maintain!....but don't hold your breath! lol
I did this one for the July Scrap The Girls challenge but didn't upload it in time. so happy with how this turned out though so I don't mind that it wasn't in the running! It made me scrap and that's really why I find the challenges.
 Trying out the photo sleeve idea.....

Having a hexagonal moment............think it needs a title?! And yes, they are the same photos, accidentally printed them twice so had to scrap them again! (Actually, one of them I've scrapped even one more time...but it's so cute!)

 Some old photos........someone's gotta do it! Figured I'll just do a page every now and again. They have to be done but it's not as much fun as doing current photos :(

More to come, just have to finish cropping and uploading. Stay tuned....