Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I did it again!!!!!!

I know I always promise not to leave it so long between updates, but somehow time has gotten away from me again. I actually thought I'd barely done any scrapping this past year but it turns out I have managed some. So here's my share....and hopefully this time I will maintain!....but don't hold your breath! lol
I did this one for the July Scrap The Girls challenge but didn't upload it in time. so happy with how this turned out though so I don't mind that it wasn't in the running! It made me scrap and that's really why I find the challenges.
 Trying out the photo sleeve idea.....

Having a hexagonal moment............think it needs a title?! And yes, they are the same photos, accidentally printed them twice so had to scrap them again! (Actually, one of them I've scrapped even one more time...but it's so cute!)

 Some old photos........someone's gotta do it! Figured I'll just do a page every now and again. They have to be done but it's not as much fun as doing current photos :(

More to come, just have to finish cropping and uploading. Stay tuned....

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