Saturday, May 29, 2010

Busy Scrapping!

Well trying to! Going away the week before my design work was due puts the pressure on!
Can't show you those pages, but here's a couple I did this week just for fun!

Just love these October afternoon papers. I bought them with a voucher I won for a challenge at Little Scrapbook Shop.
Got a new Tim Holtz Die Cut too and this is what I did with it!

And I finally made this Tic Tac Toe set that I've been wanting to do for ages, as my boys love to play naughts and crosses (well it appears that way if the chalk drawings ALL OVER our 40m long drive way are anything to go by!)

Will have to show the rest next week after the Country Papercraft newsletter is out!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just found a new blog to check out. Lots of awesome lo's and a great giveaway too! Check it out here

This is the giveaway....awesome! Who wouldn't want to win????????

Monday, May 24, 2010

My First Blog Challenge at CPC

Forgot to say it was my turn to do the weekly challenge at Country Papercraft and wouldn't you know it....we were away! I managed to schedule it all to happen automatically and it actually worked.
I designed this sketch using my digital downloads from Kaisercraft

And here's the example:

An old photo of Callum and lots of scraps so I didn't have to clean my desk! I used a torn up pizza box, inked,  to create the background. I've seen it done in a magazine lo and thought I'd give it a go. It's quite effective for not much effort, don't you think????

Nitro Circus Roolz!

Yep, that's where we've been for the weekend, and it was AWESOME!!! I must admit I didn't even know what Nitro Circus was when my sister booked for us but she promised the boys would love it and she was right. Actually we all loved it! We only got back last night and had to pack Callum ready to leave on his year 7 camp at 7am this morning so will have to upload photos later.
Also need to figure out how to fit 3 drawers worth of filing into 1 since I found the perfect computer desk while we were in Perth, but it only has 1 filing drawer. It looks great empty, just need to get it all sorted so I can get the old one and the old filing cabinet out of the room so it's back how I like it, then I can get back to scrapping!
Thank goodness my other sister cooked me tea while she was bored today so I can keep going on those jobs and not worry about feeding the hungry kids (only 2........weird!)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

CPC Newsletter is out today!

You can check out my latest creations and also see the monthly challenges, with prizes up for grabs!

These 2 were created using the monthly designer kit that I get to play with! Love these papers!!

This one was a challenge to use stuff available from CPC shop. Bit different to what I thought I was going to do with these photos but I love how it turned out.
This last one was a challenge to only use Bazzill, no patterned paper. I wasn't inspired at all as I LOVE my patterned paper but I guess the idea is to get out of your comfort zone isn't it, so I gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised how it turned out!

The boys had footy at home today. Tyler's team (12's) played really well though they lost. Tyler's team scored 2 goals 1 behind and Tyler scored one of the goals and the behind!

This is Tyler's goal. He kicked the boal, propmtly fell over and the ball rolled through the goals! Awesome.

And here's Callum chasing the footy. His team (14's) had a win this week for the first time so that was awesome!

Off to my craft room now to do some challenges for the Little Scrapbook Shop May Birthday Cybercrop

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ok, the news you've all been waiting for......

Check them out here :
I was officially introduced at the start of this month and had to get busy straight away. I am so excited...I have never even been published before. I keep saying that is my goal for the year, but I hear you actually have to submit first (!?) so I guess that's the holdup! Guess I'm just like Justin Beiber....waiting to be "discovered" lol!!
So here are my introductory lo's for CPC. The first one to introduce myself:
I was doing this for a new blog called What about me A blog to scrap about yourself.
I thought that would be fun as I don't really scrap much about me and judging by my birthday and xmas prezzies lately, it seems my friends and family don't really know that much about me! lol! Just kidding, I guess I don't share much so this was a good start. But while I was working on the page Marg from CPC rang and invited me to be on the team so I had to hold off showing it until after the newsletter!
I also did these ones as Design Challenges. The one on the left was a scraplift and the one on the right os for a challenge at Category Stories which is being sponsored by Country Papercraft this month. Check it out: 

I did a few more with the design kit but they are due in the mid month newsletter this week! Want a peek????
See????? lots coming! Hope you are excited???

I made a Mother's Day Card for my mum too:
Besides scrapping....lots happening in our world. Callum and Tyler are playing footy for Gibson. Both doing really well. Riley is playing Auskick and Caitlyn is playing netball. Tyler is also playing soccer and this week joined the Soccer Development Team and hopes to go to Countryweek in September! With Caits off to Scotland in September and all of us going to Bali in Bovember, not sure how he thinks we will manage Countryweek, but we'll see when it gets closer! (Shh!) That's the whole weekend taken up plus 3 nights during the week for training, 1 night for me to play squash. Don't know how we manage to fit it all in, but somehow we do. to do some scrapping before my whole day off has passed me by again.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

April 2010

Well I was just going to skip past April since I have so much more exciting news to share, but it was Riley's birthday and our anniversary (16 years...OMG! Where has that time gone??)
And of course Easter. Phil worked so no camping this year. We did have a kiddie easter egg hunt at nana and pop's though. The kids and I (well all the girls plus Jack and Riley) made Easter Baskets the day before in preparation. Of course Caits got the most eggs/chocolate! They spent the next hour rehiding the eggs until everyone was happy with the share they got!

Afterwards Jack and Riley went to the markets with nana and came back with their faces painted. Too cute!

Can't believe Riley is 7 already!
We went to the pool with the Reids/Gaeblers/Coopers/Mudrochs. We had a sausage sizzle and cakes and then the kids went on the Eliminator Water "Slide" and can you believe I forgot to take my camera!? (Well I forgot to check that when I asked a child to grab it and put it in the car, that he actually did it...!!) Never mind, got some action on the phone camera but it's just not the same!
We went to McDonalds for Riley's birthday tea. (Thanks Wards for sharing that idea about the birthday person choosing what's for dinner on their birthday!) Afterwards (because I did remember the camera!), we set the timer and took some self portraits. Someone offered to take one for us, but I find running to get in front of the camera without squishing some one, much more fun!
Finally, my friend Cass and her hubby and 2 beautiful children came for a visit. She's tried to come many times over the years but never quite got here, and her hubby's never been so it was loveley that they got here.
I snapped some cute pictures of her baby at the beach while she was exploring! (Well he's so cute, the photos must be cute!)

As for scrapping, I did manage to make myself some kaisercraft drawers which are just lovely (IMHO!)

At the moment they are on my dressing table. I haven't labelled the drawers as I wasn't completely sure what I was going to use them for...I just wanted to make them! I used Gypsy Sisters Range.
I did a couple more Kaiser Sketch Challenges

Using the pps I won from the last monthly sketch challenge! Love this photo of Riley playing in the sprinkler.
This one I did just for fun.
And this one for a Challange Heaven monthly number challenge

Right, think that post is quite long enough. Off to lunch now for a friends birthday and hopefully this avo I can update with my big news and then I can just do small updates daily or weekly, not whole months at a time!