Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ok, the news you've all been waiting for......

Check them out here :
I was officially introduced at the start of this month and had to get busy straight away. I am so excited...I have never even been published before. I keep saying that is my goal for the year, but I hear you actually have to submit first (!?) so I guess that's the holdup! Guess I'm just like Justin Beiber....waiting to be "discovered" lol!!
So here are my introductory lo's for CPC. The first one to introduce myself:
I was doing this for a new blog called What about me A blog to scrap about yourself.
I thought that would be fun as I don't really scrap much about me and judging by my birthday and xmas prezzies lately, it seems my friends and family don't really know that much about me! lol! Just kidding, I guess I don't share much so this was a good start. But while I was working on the page Marg from CPC rang and invited me to be on the team so I had to hold off showing it until after the newsletter!
I also did these ones as Design Challenges. The one on the left was a scraplift and the one on the right os for a challenge at Category Stories which is being sponsored by Country Papercraft this month. Check it out: 

I did a few more with the design kit but they are due in the mid month newsletter this week! Want a peek????
See????? lots coming! Hope you are excited???

I made a Mother's Day Card for my mum too:
Besides scrapping....lots happening in our world. Callum and Tyler are playing footy for Gibson. Both doing really well. Riley is playing Auskick and Caitlyn is playing netball. Tyler is also playing soccer and this week joined the Soccer Development Team and hopes to go to Countryweek in September! With Caits off to Scotland in September and all of us going to Bali in Bovember, not sure how he thinks we will manage Countryweek, but we'll see when it gets closer! (Shh!) That's the whole weekend taken up plus 3 nights during the week for training, 1 night for me to play squash. Don't know how we manage to fit it all in, but somehow we do. to do some scrapping before my whole day off has passed me by again.

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