Sunday, November 20, 2011

Where did the time go????

I keep thinking it's about time toupdate my blog, but then I think about what a big job it's going to then I wait even longer so it's an even bigger job!! I'm sure last time I did that I promised myself to never let it go so long again. But I have wanted to share some things lately so I am going to do a very brief update and then I'm going to keep up to date...REALLY!!!

So since July, I have.......................

Given up work to open a Scrapbooking shop! (This is a canvas I made to put on our counter!)

I Also completed my ambulance training

Just a quick update with some of my recent's not all of it as most is on my laptop and I'm not! But I will add to this post as I get to it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Busy weekend!

Last weekend a local lady organised a retreat in town (well 70kms out of town!), and a couple of friends and myself thought about going. But we decided to save our money and stayed home and had our own mini retreat. I kicked DH and the kids out and we had a sleepover and scrapped the weekend away! So much better than packing and being organised...and no shopping so we saved plenty!
Not a hugely productive weekend for me but mostly because I didn't get organised due to not having to pack anything. Here are some I did get done, along with a couple which were in the Country Papercraft midmonth newsletter. Thanks for looking!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Update time

Thought a quick catch up is in order! Bits and pieces of everything!

Some just for fun, some for my design work at  Country Papercraft.
I get to scrap all weekend so hopefully will be back early next week with some more to share!

Friday, June 24, 2011

June Scrap the Girls

This month's challenge was a colour challenge. I had some photos picked out which were perfect and then I used those for my Design pages instead. So last night I chose another photo (from my small stash of girlie photos...thank goodness for 6 nieces since my only DD doesn't like me taking her photo!) and luckily inpsiration found me in time!
This is the colour combo required:
And here's what I did with it:

Isn't she cute??!?! Even if she is a first class dag!
My scanner has chopped off a couple of edges. They're actually there IRL (I went to a lot of trouble to punch the overlapping pp's and line them up so I KNOW they are there!)

Thanks for looking.

Rach xx

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Newsletter Day

The June newsletter is out at Country Papercraft here's what I created this month using first the kit:
And this one showcasing the stash of the month being Bella:
That's all for now.....


Monday, June 6, 2011

Peak Charles

We ere going to go camping this weekend, but between kids sports and the weather, we decided on a day trip to Peak Charles which is close to where DH grew up. He last climbed Peak Charles with his family in 1985. He's been wanting to do it again ever since (well everytime we drive past the turn off!) Finally we took a few friends yesterday and off we went. Luckily we didn't know quite how big it was until we got there, or we may not have attempted it!
Each time we thought we were nearly at the top we went up another section only to find another mountain in front of us. You can't see the peak from the bottom so we were really disillusioned! Luckily the kids ran ahead and were at the top well before us. (We mums thought the dads were keeping up! Note to self: less talking means more energy to climb!) once we caught up tot he dads and they told us the kids were up top unsupervised we had to push ourselves to get up there. So many times we could have stopped but i didn't trust anyone else to take photos for me...I needed to see it for myself! It was soo worth it.

And since the Challenge this week at  iheartfaces is "From a Distance", I thought it appropriate to enter a photo from yesterday (my first time entering!)
It was hard to choose, but I think this one probably sums it up best!

Better head off to my niece's disco themed 7th birthday party now (I'm not invited but I am allowed to deliver the disc of dance music she requested and take my camera!)...thanks for looking!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Some challenges

This weekend was my turn to set the challenge at Countrypapercraft.
I've designed  a sketch and a page to go with it. This was my sister's favourite photo of my niece so it's fairly special. I hope I did it justice.
Here is my Kraft it Up Challenge for this month (a bit earlier this!)

And these are using the June design Kit at Country Papercraft

Thanks for stopping by...


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kraft It Up!

Oops! Did my entry for Kraft it Up last week and thought I had already linked it but I hadn't! Today's the last day...lucky I didn't remember tomorrow.
This month's challenge was to create a lo without any patterned paper. I've done these before and never been happy with the end result, but finally I've created a page I'm happy with, despite it not having any pp!
Quite simple.....but hopefully effective.

I've just arrived back from Perth where I managed to sneak in a trip to Ikea to buy some boxes to fill the shelf my BIL has just donated to my scrapping room. Finally everything will match (and hopefully fit!) Can't wait til tomorrow when I have a day off so I can start shuffling and trying to find new homes for everything! Stay tuned.....


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scrap the Girls

The month is nearly over so finally I have gotten around to completing my Challenge!
My "Important Female" is my one and only DD. (well, she's always the second "D", not always the first! That's why it was so nice to scrap a nice page about her!)

And this one I did for MSR (My Scraproom Rules!) at Scrapping Outback 

This was week 1. I'm not sure if I'll get Week 2 done as I have to head off to the city. :(  But i'll try! :)

Thanks for looking!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Quick update

Got a busy weekend planned....quick dinner tonight with friends who left town a few years ago, then off to a 30th birthday celebration where we get to get all frocked up and eat chocolate (what more could a girl want!?) Tomorrow footy season starts with a 7.30am check in at the next town, so that's definitely an early start for us. Sunday is the start of soccer. Bad timing since I planned to have a ME day being Mother's Day and all...oh well.
And somewhere in there I need to squeeze in a few more visits to my new nephew Oliver born yesterday.
This week I've had a trip to Perth and Bunbury (2000 kms in 2 days!), the boys have had squash, soccer and footy training already, and when I arrived home last night, before I had to turn around and go to a soccer meeting, I found my house full of family coming for a roast dinner! Shame I couldn't stya and eat with them but it was yummy just the same. it any wonder I had to come home from work early with a migraine!? had a nap though and feeling ready to take on the world again.
Right...the update I promised!

These are the pages I did for the newsletter at Country Papercraft

Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Kraft It Up

Have missed the last couple of KIU challenges, but managed to get one done this month!
This lo is showing off my new hair colour which people tells me makes me look just like my beautiful big sister.. (clearly she was prettier, her eyes more sparkly, skin more gorgeous, etc....) Even my nephew says we look alike but his mum was waaayyyyy prettier! He's 8.....completely honest!
1 piece of Kraft cardstock (Yep)
2 photos smaller than 6x4 (yep)
3 different Alphas (hope it's a minimum deal as I went over!)
4 different patterned papers (easy!)
5 different embellishments (stickers, rubons, flowers, buttons, ribbon)

Loved this challenge....TFL!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter!!!!!!!

Hope the Easter Bunny has been good to all of you! The Easter Bunny even visited me this year...can't remember the last time he came (normally I just buy my own...just to be sure I don't miss out!)
We started the day with an Easter Egg Hunt with my niece and nephews and their cousins. Then headed up to the farm for a family Easter day.

Finally been back out to my craft room as well! Here's a couple of layouts I got done this week.
 This one shows some of the photos I took of my SIL and her family this week as they count down to the birth of baby number 3!

 This one tells the story of my eldest DS bringing home his box he made in woodwork, only to have me tell him I made one identical in year 8 woodwork! Priceless!

And yesterday myself, my daughter and my niee had  a hair-dying day! So we've all had a change. nothing new for them but I never dye my hair! Scary stuff but I love it!