Friday, May 6, 2011

Quick update

Got a busy weekend planned....quick dinner tonight with friends who left town a few years ago, then off to a 30th birthday celebration where we get to get all frocked up and eat chocolate (what more could a girl want!?) Tomorrow footy season starts with a 7.30am check in at the next town, so that's definitely an early start for us. Sunday is the start of soccer. Bad timing since I planned to have a ME day being Mother's Day and all...oh well.
And somewhere in there I need to squeeze in a few more visits to my new nephew Oliver born yesterday.
This week I've had a trip to Perth and Bunbury (2000 kms in 2 days!), the boys have had squash, soccer and footy training already, and when I arrived home last night, before I had to turn around and go to a soccer meeting, I found my house full of family coming for a roast dinner! Shame I couldn't stya and eat with them but it was yummy just the same. it any wonder I had to come home from work early with a migraine!? had a nap though and feeling ready to take on the world again.
Right...the update I promised!

These are the pages I did for the newsletter at Country Papercraft

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Mrs Frizz said...

gorgeous creativity Rach ... the wee garden fairy ... stunning!!!