Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another month...another newsletter.......

I used to think it sad that people on design team never got to scrap for themselves anymore. I promised that wouldn't be me, but lately it seems that I don't get much time for scrapping and the time I do get, goes to Design Team work! I am going to get over that though...I hate not being able to share my work as I do it.
But for now, here are my efforts for the August Country Papercraft Newsletter

I just love this photo! Phil insists his is also a 6 pack, even though it's hiding under a few layers!
The next 2 are using the August kit

"Borrowed" Riley's Mini Monster truck to do the tracks on both of these! He didn't mind though!
This one was a colour, white and 1 other colour. Mine was red obviously! My wedding was completely pink and I have previously "done" my wedding album in pink and very "CM" style. Gradually, I am going to choose a few photos and redo it, so here's one to get started.

Another one using the monthly kit. The boys all had fun at the farm skimming stones on the dam, once they decided there were no yabbies. There weren't many flat rocks, so uncle Mike cheated and made his own! Phil managed to hold the record on the day though with 7 skips. It was so still I was able to take a photo of the rings sitting on the surface!
Some things never change.......

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