Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CPC September newsletter is out today!

Which means I can show you those lo's I let you have a sneak peak of earlier this week.....

This one using the kit which i looooveeee....!!!!!!!!!!
This is what the kit looks like...sorry it's so big!

This one a colour, white, sky blue and yellow! Scary but I think I cracked it! I'm the cute blonde one on the right lower. You can pick my sister with the matching mum ALWAYS did that to us! My youngest sister is the baby at the front and  the other 2 are cousins.

Having just done a page about each of my boys and where they're at and their faves/traits etc, I thought it would be fun to do one of here it is!

And this cute little album was part of the add on kit this month. I've only done the front cover so far, but as I create scraps I will do the other pages. Really! I will!!!!!!!!

Thanks for peeking......

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