Friday, February 3, 2012


It's time to update AGAIN! And here I was thinking no one paid attention to my blog but since some of you are hassling me to update, I guess that's not true. I am pleased about that!
I'm not going to worry about the stories...I'm just going to put the photos up. Then I'm going to get back to this regularly...PROMISE! I just haven't been scrapping as much as I used to :(

These 3 above are using January kits from Country Papercraft 

 Diaries I covered for the kids to use at school. They chose their own papers and even added some of their own touches!
 Finally finished this......way early for next Xmas! (Bet you thought I was just late from Xmas just gone??!!) lol! At least I have all year to collect little knic knacks to fill the boxes.

This layout was finally published in SM in December. Was supposed to be last Xmas but it was missed and then suddenly it just appeared this year. Not complaining mind...happy to be published WHENEVER! They used this lo as advertising in lots of other craft mags too...stoked!! I have another one coming up shortly. Submitted it last year also and suddenly they just emailed out of the blue and asked if it's still avaialble!? Of course it is as I haven't submitted anymore since!

And finally adding a great little gieaway link I came across while checking other updated blogs...
Aren't these just gorgeous??????
Follow the link over here for a chance to win.....but even if you don't there's some awesome inspriation on Samantha's blog!   (Eye Candy Magic)

Ooohh... I can share this one now because it's in the hands of the birthday girl! Hope she loved it as much as I loved making it......

 Had to borrow this photo to showcase this lo as I was in Perth delivering Caitlyn to School (Year 11!!)  while mum sent the boys off to ther first days here......1 in year 9, 1 in Year 7 and 1 in Year 4! We are going to have our own 1st day photo on Monday now I'm home. It will be the first day that I'm sending them all off to school and also the first day of a whole week rather than the 2 days they went this week! So technically it will still fit my theme! lol

Right, I think that will do for now. I'm sure there are more, but I'm working off 2 computers at home and the work photo organisation has got a little behind. As I'm going to update regularly again, I will just add more as I find them/create them!
Thanks for staying around/coming back....


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