Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another month sneaks by..........

I knew I had been busy, but I didn't know I'd been THAT busy that a whole month has gone by between posts. Naughty me!
It's not scrapping that's been keeping me away! Just all those life things again.
This week was our faction carnival at school. Since I run the Canteen, that was quite a busy couple of days for me. (Plus all the pre-planning and prep!)
The week before I won tickets to see Rihanna in Concert so I HAD to drive to Perth to see her! That was a nice surprise. I managed to get 2 extra tickets from a friend so I could take my 2 eldest children and one of my Daughter's friends (A Rihanna look-a-like!)
So yesterday I did this lo for a weekend Country Papercraft  Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue...check!

 Using up a bit more of my March designer kit again from Country Papercraft

 And this one is fairly self explanatory!!!!!!! Yep...FINALLY got published! It's taken since September when they told me, to actually get into the Mag, but it was just as exciting (once I actually realised!) as when they first advised me! There was supposed to be 2 but hey....1 is ok by me...for now! The lo itself is almost 2 years old now though...hope people don't think that's as good as my scrapping gets! lol

Speaking of Designer are the layouts I did for the March CPC newsletter. Excuse the quality of the printer/scanner died so I had to resort to photographing and it hasn't been the best weather for that! Luckily I now have a new printer/scanner but also a new laptop and I haven't worked out yet how to scan and stitch efficiently like I could before.

Until next time.............thanks for looking! xx

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Belinda Lowe said...

Congrats on being published