Friday, February 18, 2011


Last weekend I went to a Scrapathon at the lovely Gayle's house. Gayle almost wasn't there (daughter..ripstik..cast.... uh oh!) but her friends and other daughters did a great job getting ready for the group of ladies that were coming along. There was a reward for "she who scraps most" but sadly it wasn't me! I was in the race for a little while though... I did manage to scrap 7 pages so that's enough of a reward for me.

I did this next one last night for my weekend challenge at Country Papercraft
 And this one for Challenges at University

Phew...wish I could scrap that many every week! Maybe if I wasn't working+catering+P&Cing+meeting teachers+creeating work rosters & soccer teams and fixtures, etc...I just might be able to!

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Heather Jacob said...

wow this is sooo amazing !!!! love all of this but especially the red, black & white, as I am a sucker for this combo ...hugz x