Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some layouts to share

You'd think with all the fun photos I took at camping I'd have done a few lo's by now but life is just way too busy at the moment.
I did get one done..... I got eldest DS to stand behind each window after I realised 4 windows/doorways lined up at this old Telegraph Station. He's a bit out of focus but that's ok..He was in a dark hoodie anyway so not sure how much of his face would have been visible!
This next one is using some more of the January Kit at Countrypapercraft  I didn't love these papers but have to admit they were perfect for some of my Bali photos. This is my neice and 2 newphews who came to Bali with us. We forgot completely to take a photo of them together until the day before we left, but managed this nice one when we went to Jimbaran Bay to watch the sunset. Having said that I just realised we didn't really do any of just my immediate family. Have heaps of group and individual but didn't manage any typically touristy family shots! Oh well, guess when you take 7 children with you, there's not much time to set up formal photo's enough to know where they all are all the time!

Been working on my kit lo's for this month, with the newsletter due any day, so I can share those then.
My other 2 nieces dropped in yesterday and I got them to dress up and pose for me. They are only 1  and 3 but they were quite happy to play along and even do some of their own poses. Then I had to play on Photo shop (which I am new at and COMPLETELY unexperienced with!)  but I can see already that I am going to have  lots of fun with it.

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Belinda Lowe said...

Photoshop can be very fun.....and very frustrating