Monday, January 24, 2011

Been camping!

Well it's been a while since we camped but this past weekend we took off with some friends for a few days break. Took us a bit over 4 hours to drive 180 kms to the campsite! Yep, lots of bumpy roads..but lots of fun. Rocked the kids to sleep fairly quickly on the way home!
It was too windy to do much fishing but otherwise pleasant enough. Even some historical sites to see while we were there..and I got to play a bit with my new camera. The kids were quite good at helping me try a few things..the rest I snuck in!

Just a sample of the hundred or so photos I snapped over the weekend!

Before I left a friend asked me to make a wedding guest book for friends of hers who were getting married on the weekend. I'd never met them but I had fun creating  aguest book which hopefully they loved. I loved it and it earnt me a huge box of maltesers for camping and some cash from the naughty friend who insisted on paying me for having fun in my craft room!

And I also did this fun layout for a Cyber Crop at Country papercraftt to raise funds for the Queensland Flood Appeal.
 That's all for now. Spent today getting a few things ready for school. Hoping to finish tomorrow so I don't have to think about it until school actually starts next Wednesday! One to deliver back to boarding school, one starting high school this year, 2 still in Primary I WILL have to think about it before then!


Mrs Frizz said...

fabulous photos Rach ... and OMG I love those outdoorsy photos ... fantastico!!!

Anonymous said...

Rach, these are fantastic! where do you find the time?! Teash showed me the book for Amandas wedding, it was lovely!