Sunday, April 25, 2010

February 2010

Spent the first few weeks of February in bed or laying around watching TV, which I'm not very good at at the best of times so was well and truly bored. Ended up going back to work even though I was still quite wobbly, just so I didn't have to watch anymore TV. Would have been different if I could scrap but I really couldn't manage even that. Think that was the inidcator for Phil how sick I really was! If I miss squash or don't scrap...then I am really sick!
The best thing to come of it all though is that Phil had to do everything around the house (well, everything that mum didn't do!). He cooked, cleaned (a bit!), did washing, shopping, delivered and picked up kids and even took care of the banking. And even better than that....He is still helping around the house, even though I'm mostly better! He has never really done any of those things on a regular basis and never without being asked, so there's a little silver lining there!! Let's hope he doesn't go back to his old ways. Maybe he did get a little taste of everything that we wives/mums do in a day.
So back to February... firstly Tyler's birthday. I wasn't up to making a cake so Aunty Renee kindly volunteered. She made him a cake in the shape of a pizza with a shake on the side....very creative!
And because we were in Perth for Callum's birthday, she made some cupcakes for him, decorated with his name. Very nice of her.

We had Tyler's party at Mini Golf and then headed over to the skate park for a play (2 of his favourite things to do)

The next weekend we headed off to Kalgoorlie to see the Monster trucks. Phil was supposed to be doing a week's work in Kal and they extended it to two, so he got us tickets to see the Monster Trucks. We stayed at a caravan park with a pool and in an a-frame with beds way up high that the boys loved! (It was only 1 night so not much time to stress too much about it!)

The Bells/Brothertons came with us so it was a real boy weekend. The Mystery Machine was the best part! The rest was ok but a bit of a let down really. Not really well run, lots of stoppages and down time, especially when they turned the lights off in the middle of the program to showcase the mystery machine, but someone forgot it took half an hour for those lights to warm up again! Still, it was something different so we don't regret going.
Just after this I had my first ever go at digi scrapping when I discovered free templates on the Kaisercraft site. I've always stayed away from digi because I have way too much actual "real" scrapping stuff to get through before I get addicted to digi! And I know I would get addicted and want lots of papers and embellishments etc. I don't have a real program either so I just had a play in Publisher and manager to do some pages I was really happy with, so imagine how much fun I could have if I had all the right "stuff"!?
Here's some of the pages I managed to do....

This one is my VERY FIRST EVER DIGI!

Need to finish  this one with journalling...

Oops, bit lost in the white! Was playing around trying to have lots of white space..guess it worked!

Did this one photo size, just for fun, to stick on my fridge.
Finally felt well enough to do some paper lo's this month too. Here's a couple:

Mostly these were sketch or colour challenges. Because I am so far behind, I won't worry about including details yet but from now on I will!

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