Wednesday, April 28, 2010

March 2010

Righto, I need to hurry up and finish updating so I can get onto all the new, exciting things happening......
March...a huge month really.
I went to see AC/DC live in Perth!!!  Phil was still away so I drove to Bunbury for the night, left the boys with the Wards (well, all except Tyler...see next post!), and then went on the Perth to meet up with Dad, Steve and Renee and the rest of Esperance!

Not great photos, only took my phone camera!

Tyler didn't come because he wanted to stay and do the Fun Run at school. It's a 3.1km cross country the year 4's to 7's do before sports day. Last year (his first time doing it) Tyler came 8th overall. Pretty impressive but he was sure he could better that. I didn't want to miss it either, so I left work, packed the car and the other boys and popped back just in time to see him finish 3RD OVERALL (just over 200 kids in years 4-7)!! He was stoked, as were we all! He stayed to collect his medal, while we hit the road.

Computer keeps turning this photo sorry!
March was also Sports Carnival. The boys dyed their hair red which looked great but do you think I could find them?? Normally I can look across a crowded field and find them easily, particularly Tyler with his white blonde hair, but red...???? That was a bit harder.
They all had a great day. Tyler got knocked out by a boy from another team in one of the team games. Apparently he went the wrong way, and typical Tyler had his head down and didn't see him coming, so got knocked out cold. He sat  with an icepack for half an hour then got right back out there. Last year he got whacked in the face in the wheel relay and had to sit out of the carnival. Maybe next year I'll keep him home??
After that came Humphreys Dance visit to school. A week of learning to dance the classics but with fun up to date music. At the end of the week was a disco, where you had to show off your dancing skills. Everyone had partners. Some chose! Shay Gibson invited Tyler and Crystelle Parsons danced with Callum, though no one is saying who invited who!

There was obviously lots more day to day stuff in march. Tyler and Coby have been playing Street Fourz. It's 4 a side soccer, all to music. Lots of fun. It's inspired them to sign up for 7 a side soccer outdoor. (So AFL Saturdays, Soccer Sundays!)
There was a Family Fun Day. Water slides, face painting, lots of fun stuff.
And did I scrap?? Of course.

These were both for Cybercrop Challenges at Littlescrapbookshop. The top one is my favourite page, but I actually won a prize for the one about Tillysox!
Okay, that's about March. oops, almost forgot Shazza's b'day
And Phil's 2 days later. Brekky at Maccas which opened last week, then off to school for Interschool Carnival.
See you in "April!"

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