Saturday, April 24, 2010

OMG!!! A couple of years ago I finally created a blog....THEN I LOST IT! I've looked for it before and couldn't find it but luckily one of my scrapping buddies had listed my blog on her blog and this time when I searched I found it. (Thanks Sharon for posting that message telling me that 2 years between blog posts is a little too long!)
Looks like I have lots of catching up to do...where to start???
Hmm.....firstly I am going to post a heap of layouts I have done recently as I am quite proud of how far my work has come (IMHO) lately, then I will endeavour to update the family/personal stuff. How does that sound??
I have a couple of friends pushing me to apply for design teams lately but it seems you need a blog to enter (well, maybe not, but I think it helps!) so this time I am going to get it done and keep it done.

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