Wednesday, June 16, 2010

GOAL OF THE YEAR............ACHIEVED!! (Well almost!)

It was my goal this year to get a lo published, even though I never get the nerve to actually submit them!! (I hate rejection! lol!)
Well this month I finally got up the courage and sent off two emails (9 lo's in total) and TODAY I got an email back asking if TWO were still available!?!!!!!!!!!! Of course they are available!
I have to wait now for an official email and then of course I've heard that some lo's are accepted but don't actually make the magazine so I probably shouldn't get toooooo excited.....But I just can't help myself!!

Off to my scrap room now to see if some of that excitedness will flow into a lo or 3! (Before my mum and da get back from holidays tonight and I have to have dinner ready for them and my 2 sister's families! Hmmm...wonder if they'll understand no tea because I was

**** UPDATE: Got my confirmation email and lo's all packaged up with contracts, lists, etc ready to go! Keeping everything crossed they actually get to print!
And don't worry will hear about it!!!!!!!!!!

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Kris said...

Whooooo hoooooooo... that is so exciting.. You must let me know when they are in the magazine and i'll check them out!
Congrats rach :)