Monday, June 14, 2010

Scrap Camp

Well I've just been away for the weekend to SCRAP CAMP!!!!!!!!!!
It was heaps of fun and I met some lovely new ladies and even got some scrapping done! (Only 9 lo's but even that was ok since I forgot to get my photos printed and only had the ones that were in my folder from 3 or 4 camps ago! So I got some very old photos scrapped which is probably a good thing as there are LOOOOOOOTS of those!
I haven't scanned any yet, but I will do it this week and post some (not all, as some are just very basic and some are repeats of photos I have done before.
Going to have a play also this week at:

So for now, lots to scan and lots to play as I also got some new pp's while I was at the retreat.

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