Monday, June 7, 2010

More lo's

Here's a few more lo's I got done this weekend. I should be packing for scrap camp but each time I go out to my craft room and start moving things around, it just inspires me to scrap, not pack! I think it's the same before each camp. Hope my mojo doesn't get lost on the way!

The last one for the Cybercrop at Countrypapercraft

This one for a challenge at Scrapbook Savvy

And some cards I made with the leftovers.
Earlier in the year I sent a box of cards to Crawford Lodge which is where Cancer Survivors and their families can stay in Perth while undergoing treatment or for appointments. When I stayed there with my sister once, it was one of her children't birthdays and I realised there would be times when  people couldn't leave to even buy a card, so I made a box for them to access (with the help of my friend Corrina) if they ever need. The box is bigger than a shoebox and within about 6 weeks, it's down to half! So now I am making a card after every lo just to fill it up again! There are a mixture of birthday, thinking of you, mothers day, xmas, etc.

Only simple cards, but hopefully they serve a purpose! My nephew stayed there with his mum last holidays and he went and chose one for his cousin who was having a birthday before they got home! He was so excited when he discovered them and went to tell his mum "some nice person has made cards for everyone to use!" She told him that nice person was ME! He was shocked but happy.

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