Sunday, June 6, 2010


Last night we had 6 boys sleeping over, and as it's almost winter they all wanted to sleep outside! (BOY logic!!)
Since we probably would have gone camping this weekend if Phil wasn't working, I figured it wouldn't be much different, so 3 big boys set up a tent on the back lawn, and the 3 youngest laid out their swags in the (fully enclosed) patio! Of course, I had to sit up until I was sure they were all alseep (10.30pm all snoring! And no early morning wake up calls either....7am!), so I completed a couple of lo's while I waited.

This one for Marg's B&W plus one other colour Cybercrop Challenge at Country Papercraft. Never much been a yellow fan but I love this lo!

Didn't feel like doing a double with all these photos, so managed to cut them all down and fit on 1 page.
Just for fun, can you believe it!? Just for me!!

The Cybercrop is still going so back off to my scrap room I go.

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